Shiraz, Iran | 26 – 29 November 2018

OIC-CERT Annual Conference 2018

Session 1: Where is Security in Social Media? (Management)
Moderator: Dr Zahri Yunos, CyberSecurity Malaysia, Malaysia
Speaker 1: Mr. Asep Chairudin, National Cyber & Crypto Agency (NCCA), Indonesia
Speaker 2: Dr Ali Hamze, Shiraz University, Iran 
Speaker 3: Dr Sattar Hashemi, Shiraz University, Iran


Session 2: Social Media on Rampage (Policy & Standard)
Moderator: Mr Shamsul Bahri, BruCERT, Brunei
Speaker 1: Ms Roqaya Al-Tobi, OCERT, Oman
Speaker 2: Dr Mohammad Amin Fazli, Sharif University, Iran
Speaker 3: Professor Dr Rabiah Ahmad, UTeM, Malaysia


Session 3: Security on the Go : Technical Know How (Technical)
Moderator: Dr. Muhammad Salman, Id-SIRTII, Indonesia
Speaker 1: Lt. Col. Mustaffa Ahmad (Retired), CyberSecurity Malaysia, Malaysia
Speaker 2: Hj Mas Zuraime Hj Abd Hamid, BruCERT, Brunei
Speaker 3: Dr. Morteza Amini, Sharif University, Iran


Session 4: Cyber Threats to the Public : Social Networks and Mobile Apps (Wrap Up Forum)
Moderator: Eng. Badar Al Salehi, OCERT, Oman
Speaker 1: Dato’ Ts. Dr. Amirudin Abdul Wahab, CyberSecurity Malaysia, Malaysia
Speaker 2: Mr Ammar Jafri, PISA-CERT, Pakistan
Speaker 3: Dr Mehdi Kharrazi, Sharif University, Iran


The Academic Colloquium

SBPP: Statistical-Based Privacy-Preserving Approach for Data Gathering in Smart Grid.
Author : A. Ahadipour, M. Mohammadi, and A. Keshavarz-Haddad

A Hybrid Approach to Trust Inference in Social Networks
Author : Maryam Fayyaz, Hamed Vahdat-Nejad, Mehdi Kherad

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing of Virtualization
Author : Ramin Vakili and Hamid Reza Hamidi

Safeguarding Malaysia’s Cyberspace against Cyber Threats: Contributions by CyberSecurity Malaysia
Author : Fazlan Abdullah, Nadia Salwa Mohamad, Zahri Yunos

Developing a Competency Framework for Building Cybersecurity Professionals
Author : Ruhama Mohammed Zain, Zahri Yunos , Mustaffa Ahmad, Lee Hwee Hsiung and Jeffrey Bannister

Preventing Reflective DLL Injection on UWP Apps
Author : Mojtaba Zaheri, Salman Niksefat, Babak Sadeghiyan

Crawler and Spiderin Usage in Cyber-Physical Systems Forensics
Author : Moein Abedi, Shahrzad Sedaghat