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CyberSecurity Malaysia appointed as Secretariat to OIC-CERT


Malaysia's national cyber security agency CyberSecurity Malaysia has been appointed as the Secretariat to the Organisation of the Islamic Conference-Computer Emergency Response Team [OIC-CERT] during member countries' annual general meeting in Oman recently.


With this appointment, CyberSecurity Malaysia is now holding the Chair and also Secretariat position of the OIC-CERT, said General Tan Sri Dato' Seri Panglima Mohd Azumi Mohamed, the chairman of CyberSecurity Malaysia and also the chair of the OIC-CERT.


"CyberSecurity Malaysia is proud and honoured to be entrusted to lead the cyber security efforts among the OIC member countries. It is a recognition of leadership, professionalism and technical expertise of CyberSecurity Malaysia by the members of the OIC-CERT in the field of cyber security," said Mohd Azumi.


"The OIC-CERT has undergone various developments since the idea was conceived in 2005," he said. "I am delighted to see new and potential members who grace the OIC-CERT event and this has a tremendous positive impact on our activities and has helped realise many great achievements that have advanced OIC-CERT in the cyber security spheres."


In reinforcing the administrative structure of the OIC-CERT, the members have unanimously agreed on the idea of having an OIC-CERT Permanent Secretariat Office, which is beneficial for the continuance in the governance and smooth operation of the collaboration, said Mohd Azumi.


He added that another outcome of this AGM is for OIC-CERT to have the OIC-CERT Cyber Drill 2013 in the first half of this year. "The objective of this exercise is mainly to assess the response capability of the members' Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRT) and to familiarise with the latest technology and trends in mitigating cyber threats."


The meeting also agreed that under the training and capacity building initiative, five member countries, which are Pakistan, Oman, Brunei, Indonesia and United Arab Emirates, have offered their training facilities to develop national CERT capacity for member countries.


OIC-CERT, which was established in 2009 to provide a platform for member countries to develop collaborative cyber security initiatives, includes 22 CERTs and cyber security related agencies from 18 economies.