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OIC-CERT Technical Workshop


Cyber-attack is mostly intentional in nature, ranging from defacing a website to stealing valuable information. With the ever-present cyber-crime, cyber-space is becoming a question of security which can become a national security threat. Thus, global experience and information sharing is a fundamental approach in managing and controlling such threats. Strategic alliance is needed especially in countering cyber-attacks. In this context, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Computer Emergency Response Team, OIC-CERT was formed in 2006 to ensure that its collaborative initiatives in matters pertaining to cyber-security would help strengthen OIC member countries' self reliance in cyber-space. The Deputy Minister at the Prime Minister's Office was speaking at the launch of the OIC-CERT Technical Workshop 2011 on Incident Response Handling Training for OIC member countries, this morning.


Dato Paduka Awang Haji Abdul Wahab said that such a training is indeed a timely complement to the implementation of the Brunei Darussalam e-Government Five-Year Strategic Master Plan 2009- 2014. One of its key strategic priorities is that of strengthening security and trust. The training will provide the necessary exposure to some of the local security practitioners. Such an exposure would in some measures help to achieve the objectives of this priority.


With the theme 'Understanding and Combating Cyber Crimes', the five-day workshop is being attended by 14 OIC-CERT member countries including Brunei Darussalam and Japan. The OIC-CERT workshop provides a platform to exchange ideas and expertise in tackling large-scale cyber security incidents. The workshop was organised by OIC-CERT and Cyber Security Malaysia and is being conducted by the Brunei Darussalam Computer Emergency Response Team, BRUCERT.